In search of the famous Purikura Japanese photo booths, we made our way to Akihabara - the area of Tokyo where these strange machines are located. It was an adventure trying to explain what we were looking for to anyone who would listen. We got distracted by some shops and then pulled into the obnoxiously loud, cigarette smoke-filled world of arcades. Alex garnered a little audience while playing a drumming game, but quickly got bored and gave his lives to some kid.

This neighbourhood would be a dream for gamers, cosplayers, and possibly pervs. We probably would have enjoyed it more if we were any of those things, but it was interesting to check out anyway. Did we find the photo booths? You'll have to stay tuned to find out. - Mina 


Source: http://www.sending-postcards.com/2018/05/akihabara.html

06.12.2018 03:56:12

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